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Checkbox not recognized as checked

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Hi all,


I feel like I'm missing something simple with my checkbox validation.


I'm using InfoPath 2013 to update a form that submits to a SharePoint 2010 library. We're using Nintex Workflow 2010.


I created a new checkbox in InfoPath with a field name of grantRelated. I added it to the Property Promotion and called it Grant Related, then published the form.

When opening the form in SharePoint, I saw my checkbox. However, Grant Related didn't show up as a column when modifying the library's view. Also, it didn't show up when adding a "Set a Condition" in Nintex.


So I went back out to the library and went to Library Settings and chose "Add from existing site columns." I saw Grant Related from the available site columns, so I chose it, clicked Add, unchecked "Add to all content types", left "Add to default view" checked, then clicked OK.


Now it's possible to select Grant Related as a column in the Library view, and it's also visible as a choice in Nintex.


I added a "Log in History list" to check the value of Grant Related, but the value always says False even if the checkbox is checked.


What have I done wrong?


Thanks for the help,



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Re: Checkbox not recognized as checked

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I solved my own problem.


It turns out that the form was publishing to a different content type than what was associated with the library. Infopath was publishing to ContentType1 but the library was associated with ContentType2.


I found this out by going to the Library Settings in SharePoint and clicked on the default content type, which correctly said "ContentType1". I then noticed the "Parent" at the top of the screen and the "Source" column in the Columns section said "ContentType2".


To fix it, I went back to the form in Infopath 2013 > File > Publish > SharePoint Server > Next > Made sure Site Content Type was checked and clicked Next > Chose the ContentType2 and clicked Next > Next past the location > Made sure I had any new columns selected in the columns list and clicked Next > Clicked Publish.


Now my columns show up and my workflow recognizes my checkbox.



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