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Check yes/no box with auto timestamp

I am attempting to modify a Nintex Form that was created for me by someone in IT who in the meantime as become unable to help me maintain it. He showed me a bit but this one is beyond what I can figure out as a beginner.

The information I need to get to is a timestamp when a form is approved by my team. It can be very simple but I want to remove the human element of typing in the time. I was thinking check a box and the time of that action can be recorded.

Any thoughts on how I might be able to achieve this?

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Re: Check yes/no box with auto timestamp

Assuming that the Yes/No checkbox is named 'YesNo', you can use Calculated Value to get the Current Time. So if the user checks it to True, get the Current Time.

Not sure if this is what you are after.

So when the user checks the checkbox, it calculates the time