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Nintex Newbie

Check if person already exists in other lists in people column

Hi, i'm still learning how to use Nintex Workflow.
Is it possible to check if the "assigned to" (person field) -user on my main doc library already exists in list A, or if not, in list B?
I'm working on a multi tier approval workflow. The other lists just contain different approver.

I just don't want the user to fill out my "helper" field "responsible employee". It would be great to replace this by workflow logic.
The approval WF should work like this:
- if "assigned to" is not "responsible employee" (RE) and not "team manager" (TM) then send 1st approval to "responsible employee" -> 2nd approval to "TM" 
- if "assigne to" is "RE" -> 1st approval to "RE" -> 2nd approval "TM"
- if "assigned to" is "TM" -> approval to "TM"
My environment:
2 lists
list A: responsible employee (RE) (person/group - can approve)
list B: team manager (TM) (person/group - can approve)

doc library: MainDoc
assigned to: (person/group)
responsible employee: (lookup from list A) - would be great if this could be hidden and done by wf logic
TM: (lookup from list B)

If I enter the "assigned to" in my MainDoc, with e.g. "Jane Doe", I want to check if she is already an "responsible employee", or a "TM" and can approve.
How can I check if the "assigned to" user already exists as an "RE" or "TM"?
I was thinking if I could store all person field values from "responsible employee" and "team manager" in a merged collection variable that I can check against to see if I have a match and then start the approval.

Currently the "employee" field must be filled manually:
-  manual search for dropdown "responsible employee" "Jane Doe"
 - if she is there select her
 - if she is not there select "(none)"
I want to avoid:
- making a gigantic list for lookup
- overcomplicate the workflow
- let the user fill out "helper" fields
Does it make sense?
any help is appreciated
kind regards

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Check if person already exists in other lists in people column

sure, that's possible.


for both, check whether an user is present in the list as well as to get an user from the list you could use query list action or set variable action.


just be carefull, when working with person&group fields/values what and how you actually compare. sharepoint may present person&group field value in several different ways based on field's 'Show field' setting. for default/typical 'Name with presence' the value looks like ID;#userDisplayName and so you have to work with it like with a lookup value.

see an example eg. in this post -


if you changed the setting to eg. 'Account' the value would look like claim|domain\useraccount.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Check if person already exists in other lists in people column

Thank you very much. I will take a look and give it a try :)
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