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Change the state thru flexi task

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Hi Friends,

I have a state machine work with 3 stages Stage1, Stage2, Stage3


Under Stage1, I have configured a flexi task that will send out 5 reminder mails each for 10mins and its working perfectly.


Now once the reminder mails are sent and no action is performed on the Stage1 flexi task, I want to move on to Stage2, which is not working. The task is stuck in the flexi task itself and I don't have an option to move on to next stage.


Can you please guide me on how to move onto Stage2?

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Re: Change the state thru flexi task

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To complete the flexi task automatically You have to use task Escalation. There You can set Escalation Type to 'Complete task' and choose an outcome where You can set next state for state machine.


Kind regards


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