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Cancelling Review Task without terminating the workflow

I'm doing a dynamic number of approvers on my workflow. Suppose there are 3 approvers and it happens that the second approver can't approve for some reasons (e.g. on leave). It is possible to skip or cancel that task without terminating the whole workflow?

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Re: Cancelling Review Task without terminating the workflow

You can manually delegate the task (pass it over to another person)

When you click on the name of the task in the task list it will open and you will see an option to delegate the task. This allows you to then enter the name of the user that you wish to pass the task to and then can then respond to the task.

If you are using a flexi task action this can even be configured to automatically delegate tasks that have not be responded to after a predefined amount of time.

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Re: Cancelling Review Task without terminating the workflow

I have this thing work. Here's what I did.

  1. I made a Time-Bounded Review workflow that uses the Complete Workflow Task action to complete the review/approval task. I'm actually using a Request Review task.
  2. I call the Time-Bounded Review from my workflow using the Start Workflow task action. The Start Workflow task action returns its Workflow Instance ID. Save this instance ID for later use.
  3. Query the Workflow Tasks list using the instance ID from above and get the Outcome. Save this Outcome as lastTaskOutcome variable.
  4. Wait for this lastTaskOutcome to change into not 'Pending'. I use a loop to wait for the value to change so I keep on querying the Workflow Tasks list until lastTaskOutcome is not 'Pending' anymore. I'm using a Pause For action as a delay of 5 minutes inside the loop.

That's it. It should still work with the Dynamic Number of Approvers.

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