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Nintex Newbie

Canceling a huge site workflow (still running)

There is a siteworklow running.

For some reason the query limit is not being listened too.

So now it's running on a few million items on the site and I can't stop it.

It collected all ID's then it's looping for every ID with the actions included.

One of the actions is making a textstring of the old string + new information of the current variables.

It's going to explode and the notifications I get in every instance of the loop makes me crazy.


From the workflowhistory I can't even click the running workflow open to cancel it. (And when I was able to do it canceling it did not do anything).

How can I terminate this workflow? I don't know much about powershell, but I do know how to start a script.

I found a script but it was only to terminate workflows that were errored.

This one has no error, but is just using all resources without stopping.

Help me please.

SP2010 / Nintex 2010

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