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Can you update document tag using Nintex Workflows?

Hi Guys,


I have been struggling with something here which I am hoping some of you have had to deal with before. I have a Wiki Library and Wiki Categories field linked to Managed Metadata for all the pages in the library.


I want to create a page that will have tag cloud web part so that I can display all the wiki categories that are assigned to all pages. The only approach that seems possible for me is using a workflow to update the document tag when a user update or create the document. Update the tag with whatever the user has entered in the wiki categories field.

The problem is I can't seem to find a way to do this in Nintex workflow I can't find an action that I can use to do it.


Has anyone tried to update document tags via workflow? When I searched on the net there are lot of other solutions that will do auto tagging for you but not exactly what I want and I believe Nintex might just be capable of doing I just haven't found.


Thank you





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Automation Master

Re: Can you update document tag using Nintex Workflows?


Following up on old post. Have you found the resolution? Could you please post the response and mark it as correct to help other in the community.