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Can we fill columns with keyword content


I need some help please. I have a photo Library with a keyword column. There's 5 or 6 differents terms in it. For example : "red;20mg;name1;R;box" or "black;100g;name2;NR;blister"

I would like to create a WF and transfer all my photos in a new Library but with all the informations disturb in 5 differents column : "Color", "dosage", "name", "R/NR?", "form"

Do you think it is possible doing that ?

I have an additional problem, the differents terms are not always in the same order. For example, I can have : "Blue;name22;500mg;bottle" there's only 4 informations and the order is different...

Hope somebody could help me !!!

Thanks in advance

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