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Can I use SharePoint Online user in SharePoint OnPremise?

Hi all, 

I have a requirement to make a Single Sign-On between the SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-Premise. I have read some articles on google which shows the process of synching the On-Premise users to the SharePoint online and then use that user to login in to the SharePOint Online site.

But My Scenario is reverse, I want to sync the SharePoint online user into the SharePoint On-Premise. So that the user which is created in SharePoint Online sync in the Sharepoint On-premise and , that user can use the SharePoint On Premise Site.

Is it possible with the same process of Synch for the SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Premise? is it work reverse way too? or I need to do some other thing for that ?

Please advise?

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Re: Can I use SharePoint Online user in SharePoint OnPremise?

@lianamelissa this seems to be more of a SharePoint user issue than a workflow or forms issue. What you may be after is figuring out how to setup a user account "service account" in active directory that can be referenced by both SPO and SPS respectively. 


Take a look at this -


I could be wrong but would suggest looking at SSO enablement in SharePoint Online as a start. The account you use at that point wouldn't matter as long as it could sign into SPO, which means you should be able to use an SPS account for that. 

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