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Can I set separate workflow messages for different scores that user's get?

I am using Office 365- Nintex workflow. I have a list with a score field. so can I set different workflow messages like:

Suppose I have set the cut off score to be 60; can I set one for 60 (You have successfully passed),, one for 40( You are almost there, but failed) one for 20(Your score is too low,try again) etc..?

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Can I set separate workflow messages for different scores that user's get?

Hi Teresa,

you can achieve that by using run if blocks.

First off all you create a variable, where you store information about the score field (lets call it "var_score"). Then you enter some "run if" blocks in your workflow. In your case you need 3 run ifs. The first one you configure like that:

Condition: "If current item field equals value"

Where: "[score_field]" - "is greater than" - "Value" - "60"

In that run if block you put a "set a variable" action and set your "var_score" variable to something meaningfull like "passed". Afterwards you implement 2 other run if blocks which you configure as required for you "almost there" and "too low" conditions.

After you have set your variable to one of the three possible values, you put a "swtich" action in your workflow, where you switch your "var_score" variable for the 3 possible values. Which means you will now have 1 workflow path for each possible score in the list item, giving you the possibility to send notifications about the score and execute other actions if you want to.

The finished workflow would look something like this:


I only put 1 run if block and 2 possible switch values. Of course your workflow would be a little bigger, but the general idea should be clear.

You could also switch your item field score directly in the switch action. But only absolute values are possible. If you want to check for value ranges like in your case from 20 to 40 and 40 to 60 you need a workaround.

Let us know if that works for you and if you need further assistance.

Best Regards


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