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Can I check in a document via nintex form after editing the properties?

I have a review & approval workflow running on a document library with check in/out required - it's been fiddly to set up (due to field updates) but I have it running now on item created.

Problem - when an item has been 'modified' after the review stage and the document owner updates the properties using nintex form, the document is automatically checked out so the properties can be updated. Once the form is saved, the document remains checked out, and often the owner forgets to check it back in manually, and consequently the workflow does not start.

My question is, can check in be done in the form? Ideally the workflow would do this, but it doesn't run when the document is in check out mode. (Or rather it gets stuck on 'Starting' )

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Re: Can I check in a document via nintex form after editing the properties?

Good morning Rebecca,

this is a common problem when requiring checkout of files. As long the file has not been checked in you can't do anything from the workflow side.

Technically of course you could check in the file by a workflow running automatically but you will never know why the file has been checked out. Maybe you ruin someones work by checking it in automatically.

However you could try help people think of checking in next time by having a site workflow running once or twice a day, getting all files of your library that have "checked out by" not empty and inform the people that has checked out the document if it still needs the file or if the file should be checked in. Easy way is to let them check in and you're done but you could also check in the file with a workflow if the person responses with yes or doesn't answer in s specific time.

Would that be an option?

Side question: why do you require check out in the first place? Usually it was used so people don't overwrite their changes when working on files the same time but since modern SharePoint Farms support co authoring this feature is used very seldom in the meantime. Maybe this is an option for you too?

Best regards


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Re: Can I check in a document via nintex form after editing the properties?

Hi Enrico, thanks for your help! Yes I thought of the workaround you suggested as well, so I might look at putting that in. I would love to use the co-authoring feature but apparently this doesn't work well for excel files. Oh well!

thanks again,


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