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Calculate current date week number in Form


I have a huge need to calculate the current date week number to be somehow displayed in Form when creating new item. The thing is that it have to be same as the Oultook Calendar default settings, so for example:


01.01.2016 was on Friday so it's still 53 week of 2015 as well as the Saturday and Sunday on 02.01.2016 and 03.01.2016. - But here I don't need to be switched to 53, it can just show me '0' so I'm sure that this date is still within previous year last week.


In Outlook the 01.01.xxxx year start's as 1 week of the xxxx year only when it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


I've already created some varibles for this, and I'll follow with example for 02.12.2019:

- Current Date: 02.12.2019

- Current Date in Year number: 336

- Current Date week number: 2 (Monday is 1st day of a week)

- Current Year 1st day week number: 2 (Tuesday)


So there is like whenever I'm trying to calculate this even in Excel depends on the year I'm in right week, or one week behind the Outlook Calendar.


Maybe is there some clever way to do this? Even the Excel WEEKNUM function returns 01.01.XXXX always as 1st week of the year...


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Calculate current date week number in Form

Most solutions I have seen for this use a calcualted SharePoint column that is looked up to get the current week.
Not sure if it suits your requirements though.
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