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CSS not working during PDF printing.

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I am working on a Nintex form, which will be the most important part of one of the processes. One of the required functions is the ability to print the form. For the transparency I had to use a customized CSS. CSS works correctly when the form is displayed online (Screenshots below), but during PDF generation (Print to PDF button), CSS stops working (this has a very negative impact on the form design).

The CSS code I use (works correctly when displaying the online form):


@media print {
.myinput{transform: rotate(-90deg);}

.myinput{transform: rotate(-90deg);}
This is the form in the online view (10 fields to be completed by users - Multi line textbox):



But now that I print form to PDF, all CSS from these fields will stop working:



Unfortunately I can't find any information about this problem anywhere. Is there any way to generate a PDF file properly (with custom css)?

Thank you for all your help!
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Nintex Newbie

Re: CSS not working during PDF printing.

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I successfully found a solution. It was enough to use such part in css code:


.myinput{-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg);


or "-moz-transform: "for Firefox.

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