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Assigning multiple tasks to multiple groups in Nintex Workflow


I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to use regarding assigning multiple tasks to multiple groups. I will provide more details below.

I created a form that the user has 10 issues they can select from regarding a process. When they fill out the form, the user can select multiple issues from the list. Each issue has a group assigned that needs to receive an email each time the issue is selected by the user. So for example, Issue #1 is assigned to Group A and Issue #2 is assigned to Group B and so forth.

How would I set this up in Nintex workflow?

Also, once all issues are resolved, it will go for approval. If it's not approved, what are the options in SharePoint/Nintex the manager can do to send only the issues that need to be corrected still? (Example: There are two issues. Issue #1 is corrected but Issue #2 is not correct. We would only want to send out an email to Issue #2 to get this corrected.)

Thanks for the help!