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Assign Flexi Task status set to Not Required


I have a workflow with 2 levels of approval. I have used Assign Flexi Task activity to create the tasks. On both level task is assigned to a single user and the condition I have used for approval / rejection is First Response applies. So, the expected behavior should be that after the request is approved by first approver, it should create a task for second approver with relevant e-mails (request to approve the tasks) and after the second approver approves the record, it should complete the workflow.

The issue I am facing here is that after the approval request is approved at the first level, the task is assigned to the second level approver, but before he / she responds, the task status is automatically set as Not Required. The second approver gets the e-mail notification for approval as well as Not Required notification at the same time. While I view the workflow history to see how workflow is progressed, I see that the Assign Flexi Task status in yellow, which means that the activity is incomplete and workflow is stuck there.

This has happened for just a single record, otherwise the workflow is running fine for other records.

Can someone please let me know if you have experienced this behavior or what could be the possible reason for that?



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