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After effects of Stop Inheriting Permissions?

Good afternoon,


So about a month ago, one of the workflows stopped working on our site. I have been through countless troubleshooting steps and I still can't get it to automatically run like it used to, I can't even manually start it. It is a simple workflow, only two steps on it. We have a larger, more extensive workflow on a separate list that errors because it references the simple workflow on this list.

The simple workflow is called Today's Date and it is supposed to run automatically every 24 hours.

The workflow hasn't been edited since last year, so I am thinking it is some kind of external, server, or .NET thing? I don't know, I am still pretty new to this.


Around the same time I began getting reports of this happeneing, we cleaned up our permissions list. 


We stopped inheriting permissions on the extensive workflow we have but the simple two step workflow is still inheriting permissions from the Parent site. I was wondering if this kinda "broke" the connnection of these two lists and is now preventing the workflow from running as it should?


I hope this makes sense.


Thanks so much!

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: After effects of Stop Inheriting Permissions?

Bounjour kaitxstep!

just to clarify the WF run as a scheduled WF ..right? and also you said even manually start will fail.

Can you please do the following steps:

1- Run the following SharePoint powershell script command ( Right click and run as Admin ) please run this command on every server you have on the Farm:

2- then, please replicate the workflow issue.
3-once the issue is replicated .. please note the time.
4- Now, login to the SharePoint servers and search the latest ULS logs files from each server that match the time of issue

using the  ULSViewer ( what was the "unexpected" error level at the time of the issue. or the cetogary contain "Legacy Workflow Infrastructure"


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