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Adding attachment to flexi task reply?

I'm using Nintex workflow 2010 and InfoPath designer 2010 to create an issue reporting and resolution workflow.

I'm trying to add attachments to the InfoPath form for the reply to a flex task.

The InfoPath that we submit to start the workflow has a section for attachments and those attachments correctly go out on the flex task notification, but I want the recipient of the task to be able to add an attachment on the flex task response InfoPath.  I also want the attachment to be added to the list item attachments.

When I try to add an attachment field in the InfoPath, it won't allow me to add any new fields at all. It also won't let me bind an attachment button to the existing fields.

Is there a way I can add an attachment to the flex task reply, or is there a workaround I might be able to use?

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