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Add to Calendar Button


I am currently building a workflow for an event registration form. My workflow works great, it is sending emails as expected to the appropriate people with the correct date and time in the body of the workflow email. My question is this, I want the user to be able to add the event to their calendar from the email they receive from the workflow.

On our iOS devices, it populates with an action button on the event date and time and adds it to the calendar as expected, but when the user is at their PC and is using Outlook, it does not provide the same action for the date and time. I was wondering if there was a button that can be installed in from the Nintex action packs that will aggregate the date and time the user selected into a .ICS format and they can add it to their calendar with a button within the email they receive from the workflow?

setup: sharepoint 2013 online, nintex workflows 2013

Thank you,

Cody Allison

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Add to Calendar Button


have you tried the solution described here? How to send a meeting request

If your list is a calendar list, the last method has worked for me too..


Nintex Newbie

Re: Add to Calendar Button

I also came across this particular scenario, and considered creating my own .ics file to attach to the email.

Because my entry was also being stored in a calendar list, and being a little lazy, I decided to just provide a link in the email to the out of the box download ics functionality available in SharePoint's Calendars. This assumes of course that the user has access to the SharePoint environment on the device where they are clicking the link on

The link below provides some guidance on what the link will look like.

Virtual Duct Tape | Generating an iCal (.ics) file from a SharePoint Calendar List Item