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Nintex Newbie

Add Controls In Between Two controls



I want to add a control in between two controls, Please let me know the way to do it.

If i drag and drop the control then it is overlapping each other. How can i give the empty space in between two controls and add a new control in empty space.


I want to add a new control in the highlighted area in an attachment.


Please help me to resolve it.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Add Controls In Between Two controls


You will need to drag the controls down to make room for the new controls.
You can highlight all the controls you need to move in one go and then drag them down. Use the right mouse button and drag to highlight. You can start from outside of the canvas if you need to.

Note: If you use the responsive form designer you can insert controls whereever you like and the space is made for you.
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