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tester une case a cocher


Comment puis-je tester la valeur d'une case à cocher dans les règles de validation ?

J'ai une case à cocher nommée <EauIndustrielle>, j'essaie avec equal(Self,"Yes") ou equal(Self,"Oui") ou equal(Self,1), on dirait que cela ne fonctionne pas.

Est-ce la bonne fonction ?

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Re: tester une case a cocher

Hi, Jean-Michel Quetelart‌!

You'll probably get faster and better replies in English. Here's how Google translates your post: 

Test a checkbox

How do I test the value of a checkbox in the validation rules? I have a checkbox labeled <IndustrialSwiss>, I try with equal (Self, "Yes") or equal (Self, "Yes") or equal (Self, 1), it looks like it does not work. Is this the right function?

Hopefully that's accurate.
Someone will be along with a reply soon, I'm sure.
All the best!
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Re: tester une case a cocher

Assuming Frank's translation is good, I can hopefully assist. For isn't checked, you can just do:

not(Industrial Swiss)

and for is checked you can just do

Industrial Swiss 

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