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Hi I have a pretty big and complicated workflow, before major realeases I ask sharepoint team to make a copy of the site as backup site for me. then if I have to change something I would change all the recipant's email in my backup site to myself and then apply the change to test the workflow. is therean easier way to do it? instead of changing all my taskas assigned one by one?

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Re: test/dev environment

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You could set a variable with the value of the recipient user and use that for production. When you need to test, change the value of the variable to your user. Then in the tasks, when assigned to this variable, any changes to the variable thereafter will be one single change each time.

Another method that I use often, is to create a configuration list. It's a custom list with key value pairs of fields. Literally, I create a field named Key with single line of text, and another named Value Person of type Person, and another Value of type single line of text. Then in my workflow I query for the config pair I need and set a variable with the result.

Using this method is a huge advantage. I no longer have to republish my workflow to make quick changes such as a assigned to person for testing. I simply change the config list value. The next time the workflow runs, it gets a fresh query and value and gets my test user. Then I switch it back to the right person for go live. And if that person leaves the company, or there is a new person to make the approvals for whatever reason, I just update the field value in my config list.