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set value to text box in repeating control based on dropdown value selected

Hi Team,

In my form ,I have a repeat control and in that I placed dropdown list and text box controls.

when dropdown value selected I set a value to textbox as like below but it's only working for first row in the repeat control but not for other rows.


NWF$ ("#"+ddlAccessTypeModuleJSField).change(function()
{var bu1=NWF$("#"+ddlAccessTypeModuleJSField).val();

 if(bu1 == "Distribution List")
      NWF$("#"+sglDisplayMessageJSField).val("Enter name of the Distribution List");


I know there is an event called NWF.FormFiller.Events.RegisterRepeaterRowAdded and need your help on where to include and how?





Javascript On Repeating Section 


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