running a report for alerts

Hello! This might not be the right community to pose this question but it's the only SP community that I am aware of so I'm hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction. We set up new hires with out of box alerts for several lists and libraries. Our dept admin would like to run a report to see who gets what alerts to help her keep on top of them. I know that you can look under each name (but I wish it were alphabetical) under site setting and user alerts but that's not as efficient as running a report. I found something called manage data alerts that has the alert name. I'm not sure if that will generate a report or not but it isn't populated with anything. I am working in SP 2013. Does anyone know how to run a report of the people who are getting out of the box alerts?

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Re: running a report for alerts

I don't think there are any builtin features besides those you already mentioned.

You can more or less easily develop a custom web part that lists the notifications subscribed by users. Though I think this is more about SharePoint development but about Nintex.

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