"Start when items are created" not always working



I recently developed a rather simple ordering process with a single workflow that is set to "start when items are created". The process has been used to place just shy of 700 orders in the three weeks it has been used and for all but two orders the workflow has run flawlessly. However, for these two orders (one ordered on 02/03 and one on 03/03) the items have been submitted without starting the workflow. Again, the workflows have not errored, instead they have simply not started.


Does anyone know what might have happened for these two anomalies? I do not know where to begin to troubleshoot these issues.


Thanks in advance

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: "Start when items are created" not always working


You would need to look in the ULS logs at the time the items were created to see if there were any errors starting the workflow.