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"Edit" will edit only the next blank item in the list.... Is it possible?

Here's the concept I'm trying to create:


I have a list that is pre-populated with 20 items.  A user can come along and put their name in the name column in this list.  Normally, this would be accomplished by someone clicking EDIT on one of the items.  However, one of the requirements I've been given is to create an ADD NAME button that acts as a link to EDIT at the top of the page (which is easy enough with a content editor web part to place a link button).  The problem is this:  How do I create a workflow to make the button link (which I'm guessing would be a link to EDIT the first item in the list) go through all of the items in the list, and if the name column is empty, put the name there (and if it's not empty, move on to the next one) ?  


Please let me know if my question doesn't make sense, or needs clarification. 

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