open hyperlink within email and save excel to library /parse data to list

Workflow to get hyperlink data in body field of an email enabled announcement library to body field in a list


Ok I have got an email enabled Announcement library. I have survey gizmo form that auto sends in an email as well as a hyperlink to an excel spread sheet, to the "Announcement Library".


I need to figure out how to extract the excel to a document library and than parse to a SharePoint list for easy search by the department. 


I cannot change the survey gizmo to only have one item on the form, ie the excel with multiply items. Fire wall will not allow outside venders to access and fill out Nintex form therefore survey gizmo is used to outside venders.  ie we need to parse information received into a list if a excel link is in the form and save the form if only one item is on the form ie no excel.

I hope I have explained that well enough.  

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have been working the issue for about 6 months now.

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