list lookup then utilize rule to fill in text field

I'm using a list lookup to search another list for a company name. If its on the other list and I select it I want the Company Text Field to populate with the name of the company name in the list. I setup a rule to accomplish this however the company box just shows the text and the text box shows the ID and Name. I do not want the ID to be listed. Any thoughts on this? I have included attachments.RuleRuleLookupLookupNintex question 3.png

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Re: list lookup then utilize rule to fill in text field

I'm not familiar with the way that Rule Editor is setup, but I can tell you that values from a Lookup must be parsed before you can get info that isn't formatted in that way (with the ID and Value merged). 

In responsive Forms for SharePoint on prem, the rule would look something like: 



Resulting in

Before Selection: 



After Selection: 



See if you can find a parseLookup runtime function to use on that value, and that should do the trick. 

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