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lazy approval- you are not permitted to respond to this task

Recently we had trouble with the email address that we had
configured for the lazy approval

Our internal customer complained that some people were getting a
“delivery failed” error from outlook when they tried to respond to the task
approval using lazy approval from outlook

To fix that error , I asked the SharePoint administrators to
create a new email address for lazy approval and reconfigure the lazy approval
in central administration to use the new email address

After the lazy approval was reconfigured with the new email
address, I noticed that people who had no trouble doing lazy approval were now
getting an error message when they responded via lazy approval from
outlook/phone saying


You are not permitted to respond to this task. Tasks can
be delegated via the approve/reject web interface.


I checked that the people getting this error have only 1 account
in active directory

I am not sure why changing the email address for the lazy
approval should have any effect on the lazy approval to make it stop working.



Also I did a test by configuring a document library on the
same site which has the Nintex workflow application


I configured the incoming email settings to allow email

And then I set up an email address which was similar to the one we used for nintex


Then when I sent an email from my outlook to the above address I
found that a new item was created in the above document library with the same
subject and content


The created by and modified by both had my account name


So this proved that there is nothing wrong with the email address
and the incoming email settings


So i am really confused why the lazy approval should give that "you are not permitted to respond to this task"message


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: lazy approval- you are not permitted to respond to this task

Are you replying or using Announcing: Nintex Add-in for Outlook  ?

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