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issues with two set conditions in a row

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Hello Nintex Community,

I am looking for some assistance or an example of a workflow. I have a Purchase Order list in SharePoint 2013 that is built from a custom list.

In this workflow I need to have two conditions that the PO must pass through. The conditions are as follows:

1. Is the total of the PO under $10,000 or over $10,000?

2. Is the PO with in budget or not with in budget?

I am looking for two things in this request.

1. If someone has created a Purchase Order system and a multi level or multi conditional approval workflow for the PO system they created and can share the workflow with me I would appreciate it.

2. I am having an issue with the two conditions that I have in my workflow.

  1.      I have two set conditions in the workflow.
  2.      The first Set Condition looks to see if the PO total is under 10K or over 10K.
  3.      The second Set Condition looks to see if the PO is within budget or not within budget. This field is a Choice field in the SharePoint list. It is a drop down with a Yes/No option.
  4.       It seems that the second condition in the workflow is being ignored even when it does not meet the requirements during testing.

If anyone is interested in having a look at the workflow and can offer some advice on how to improve it or how to make the second Set Condition work properly or offer a better way to implement the two conditions, I have attached an export of the workflow.

Thank you all in advance.

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Re: issues with two set conditions in a row

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Hello Sean,

Is your requirement is like: One particular action for PO under 10K and Budget with in limit

Another action for PO over 10K and Budget out of limit.

Is this this the case?

If so in one set a condition check for PO. If yes take a workflow variable (let us take text variable named PO Status) and save Yes if PO is below 10K; and if PO if above 10K save No in your PO Status variable.

Similarly in 2nd Set a condition check Budget is with in the limit or not, If it is in limit save Yes in Budget Status workflow variable. If not save No in Budget Status workflow variable.

In next steps, have if conditions and check if PO Status is Yes or No; and similarly Budget Status is Yes or No. Based on this have add your appropriate actions.

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