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involve attachments in different approval layers

Dear Team,

I need a help in figuring out the logic for my approval process. To be clear, I have a requirement for an approval process which has 3 layers of approval process going on. Each layer is involved with attachments for an instance, user will submit a list item with an attachment and 1st approver will recieve  the email with an attachment. The approver can Approve or deny the request (attachment) in case of denial the requestor should get the updated attachment(comments included) and if it gets approved the attachment will pass on to the second approver and the process will be same.


So far, I tried this logic,

1.Tried using webservice and get the attachment into Assign Flexi Task. This didnot resolve my issue. The attachments downloads on to the system and then users doesnot know where to upload again probably it makes them impatient.

2. Tried uploading the document in a different document library and bring that documents url to the email (hyperlink the document url). Its either erroring out or just opens up that library where document has been uploaded. ( I doubt my logic and Action items I used).


Any help much appreciated!


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