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Not sure how to really explain this; but I am seeing duplicate named workflows in my lists (on several site collections).

Little history here.  We migrated our SharePoint sites last summer and we used a PowerShell script to republish all of our workflows once the move was complete (instead of moving over the Nintex DBs). I followed the instructions in Vadim Tabakman's post below.


Everything worked great. All workflows were republish and worked from day one. 

But we soon noticed that all new workflows that ran created a "duplicate" or "ghost" copy that was deployed by the original publisher.  So now we have 2 exactly named workflows on several lists, one deployed by the original publisher and the other deployed by the service account that ran the Powershell script.

If you delete one or the other, both are deleted.  If you delete both and then upload a saved copy and then publish the copy...both versions appear.

Has anyone seen this before?  Could going into the Content DB help clean this up?  Or NWAdmin?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Re: ghost workflows

Hi Robert,

            Your Issue looks crazy , please post some screenshots for better understanding.


Bashya Rajan A

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