form control based on users in sharepoint lists



I am trying to control a specific form (text box) to be in display mode for everyone except users who are in specific list (not groups)


I apologize if my terminology is not correct as i inherited a project with zero experience in nintex 🙂


from reading the forums for past two days, the simple way to do it is:



unfortunately this is not an option for me as the way the flow is designed is using sharepoints lists and not separate groups


So I have multiple lists, lets call them:

List Aa

List Bb

List Cc


if I want only users from "List Bb" to be able to edit this form, while other users in Aa and Cc can only see the form but unable to edit it.

the Lookup function (used to look up users in list) doesnt exist in the Appearance expression like the picture above. Is it impossible to do something similar to group but with list?


Thank you





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Re: form control based on users in sharepoint lists

Hi @Mo1986 


Have you tried using the lookup() function to read the list, and then using the contains() function to compare the list to the current user?



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