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filed control (read/ write )workflow

Is there a way to set the control read and write on fileds :

For example in my workFlow: i have a Form has : filed 1, filed 2,  field3, field 4 and field 5.

step 1: user 1  : could only set the filed 1, filed 2 and field3 and do the approve 

step 2 : user 2: could read fields 1,2 and 3 , and also could set field 4 and field 5.

Any idea how can i do that


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Re: filed control (read/ write )workflow

Hi imen turki‌,

With Nintex Forms you can do this. You need to use formatting rules for this.

I advice you to read some more posts in this community about Nintex Forms and rules. That is way better for you to understand what is possible. Some useful posts are:

You also need a list column to record the step you are in. This post is useful for step 2.

Search is your best friend.



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