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copy all data from database and set it to splist


I need to get all data from my table in my database and to set it to my splist .

I used the component "Execute SQL" and i get all my data and stored in variable ( type collection) .

So to set all those data to splist, i need to do the foreach and to set element by element. 

dose any one done that before? 

do have a clear exemple for us.

Thank you . 

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Nintex Employee

Re: copy all data from database and set it to splist


Here is an example of two collection variables that have paired data and are put back together in a string. Instead of putting them back together in a string you could have a create item action with the two variables going into it to create the item.
This is easily expandable if you have more columns in the database to bring across.


If this is just a one off thing to transfer the data I would export to excel and then import the excel sheet into SharePoint.

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