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changing approver based on criteria

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Hello Nintex Community,

Once again I am calling on the Nintex community for assistance due to a new business request.

We have a workflow implemented in our on premise SharePoint 2013 install that manages out Purchase Order requests.

I have now been asked by Accounting if the following scenario is possible. First let me give you some background:

1. The PO request has a Requested By field that the user puts their name into. This is a people and group field.

2. The PO request has a Approved By field. Instead of maintaining nasty lists I make the user specify who has to approve their purchase order.

3. Recently our dollar values have changed for purchase order requests by the Finance department so that if a PO is over 5k it should go to finance for approval

Currently the workflow sends an email to the person in the Approved By field to review and approve the PO. What I now need to do is the following:

1. If the purchase order is under 5K then it will go to the persons manager for approval and then to finance for approval.

2. If the purchase order is over 5K I need the purchase order approver to change to Finance from the approver that the person creating the purchase order originally specified.

Has anyone dealt with creating either a condition or state machine that will meet the new parameters?

Thank you

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Re: changing approver based on criteria

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Hi Sean,

You can use an if condition to check the amount .Create a variable to assign the approver name or email. If the amount is >5K assign the finance persons email to the variable. You can get the requsters manager or the display name from the reference window. The finance email can be stored in list to be dynamic or static in a workflow variable.

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