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Show a Nintex form in another webapp/cross domain?...

Hi community! I was wondering if anyone had any particular tips/tricks on how to show a Nintex form (SharePoint 2013 on prem) in an iFrame some...

  • By tracy
  • July 22, 2020  09:38
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Users not allowed to Delegate tasks

Hello! I have a Flexi Task in my workflow, with Create individual tasks for all group members and Allow Delegation fields checked. When an assignee...

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Date form was last updated

I have a form where users enter data about their project statuses. I was originally going to create a field called Date Form Was Last Updated, but t...

  • By rutica
  • July 21, 2020  15:45
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Nintex 2016 Upgrade does not complete

I am trying to upgrade Nintex 2016 Workflows and forms from version 4.3.2 to The installer never progresses past "Upgrade job for solution...

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Copy all list items to another daily - query items...

I am creating a 'version' list to create trend data (I do not have access to a sql db at this time). To do the versions, I am copying all list items...

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Disable modification and deletion of repeating sec...

User request to disable deletion and modification of the existing repeating section items. It should allow adding new rows, but no deletion and modif...

  • By lcha
  • July 21, 2020  10:52
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List Number w 6 digits Sequential Numbering Help

Hi, I need help please! I have a user that needs a number field to have 6 numbers and with each new list item that he creates it needs to be a new/...

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Not able to read Infopath XML file from Query XML ...

HI, I am not able to query xml from Infopath document (.xml). The current user has Full Control Access to the site Collection.I have form document...

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Nintex scheduled Timer jobs for Sharepoint applica...

We found that there is a Nintex timer job which did not complete as given below. It is stuck at 0% and it did not start as it shows. We also tried to...

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LDAP query based on initiator in a workflow

Hello , I am trying to retrieve samaccount name of the user based on the initiator value in a workflow. In the query LDAP control I have figure...

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Extracting Repeating section data to a single colu...

Hello basically i have a workflow that was developed with InfoPath and now its my job to migrate that onto Nintex. My issue is that i want to ...

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Nintex Form field data is not saving into a ShareP...

Hi there, I am new here and facing some issues. I am working on SharePoint online and I have Nintex form with 3 panels which can be shown and hidden...

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