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Copying Item list based to another Sharepoint list...

Hi there, Just new to exploring nintex workflow and apologies if this was asked already, but I can't seem to get the right solution for my scenario. ...

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Starting a WF based on document name

I am trying to figure out how to start a workflow based on the word "invoice" in a document name. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Th...

  • By MG
  • November 03, 2020  05:58
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Nintex approval: Move document after being approve...

Greetings all, I am new to Nintex and have struggled (but successfully) to setup a basic approval workflow process. So the following tasks I ne...

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Mandotary field not allowing a form to be submitte...

Afternoon I've made a field mandatory in my list and added it to my form, but it won't let the user submit the form even if there's a value. I'...

  • By Sutekh
  • November 02, 2020  05:31
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Nintex Forms field doesn't show up properly (C...

I use a Nintex Form, but sometimes some fields are not shown properly. For example, in this case the Speaker field and Fixed Participants fields are ...

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How to populate form fields with calculated values...

This should be dead easy, and likely solved 1000 times before, but I'm trying to get various user profile attributes to populate various form fields....

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Form - Hide panel based on look-up column selectio...

Hi All I am not very good at rules yet and I cant seem to find any cheat sheets - so hoping someone can help me... I have a 'product area' field...

  • By DannyC
  • October 29, 2020  06:12
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Populate Repeating Section using JQuery

Hi, we have this requirement to populate our Nintex form coming from a SQL database and be creating a column and format it to XML to populate it to r...

  • By BizApps
  • October 29, 2020  06:06
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Creating folders, subfolders and files in Nintex w...

Good day Nintex community, I am not familiar with the development in Nintex workflow and have been struggling for weeks now, please help. I am usi...

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Edit option missing at top of form for Responsive ...

As of this morning my users no longer have the Edit option in the top ribbon if they attempt to edit their entry from the email we send (from the WF)...

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2 Specific forms do not even submit at all

So according to the screenshot it just links all the way to those 2 forms and it just stops.... I tried redoing and it has the same issue... at first...

  • By bobtan9
  • October 28, 2020  01:07
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Running ITOA applications on farm with Nintex WF/F...

Hi Everyone, This may be an odd question, but we have had some performance issues in the past with some previous ITOA and APM applications inst...

  • By shayla
  • October 27, 2020  09:41
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