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Redirect not working

Can someone please help me troubleshoot this? I have been fighting with trying to get this form to redirect for far too long now and I can not...

  • By lgiambar
  • September 11, 2017  09:55
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Workflow to copy item to another list upon creatio...

Hi all, I am trying to create a workflow to copy a list item upon creation to another list. The idea behind this is when an item (address/locat...

  • By Nerrd
  • September 11, 2017  09:21
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Form submitting without Firing Validation Rules

I read a few articles that did not really answer the question of a form submitting without validating. Can some one point me in a better directio...

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How would I configure a Flexi task to have just on...

I need my Workflow to go through one last approval before it's completed. The flexi task would be the best way to achieve this as suggested here...

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Why are my HTML alterations being overwritten in m...

0 down vote favorite I asked a question here and the answer worked at first. I go into my Nintex Workflow Assign Flexi task and edit the HTML the...

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Lookup value blank but populated with reusable wor...

Here is the picture: Content type for site collection "Tracker" has a lookup column to a list called "BABs" located at the top level site. Sub...

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How to format selection fields?

Hello, today I would like to ask something regarding formatting of a selection-fiel. I created a list containing a choice-field. The user can se...

  • By martinn
  • September 10, 2017  23:59
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Add permissions to document set after creating and...

Hi everyone, i have a library with Standard Content Type = Document Set and a person/group field "interviewers". After creating a document se...

  • By stepg
  • September 10, 2017  09:01
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Nintex form How to print a form data? I don't ...

Hi All, I have on receipt form created using Nintex forms. The user will fill the details and has to print it. I want to know how to pri...

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Nintex Workflow is getting into idle state

Hi All, I'm facing an unknown issue in nintex workflow, where one of my nintex workflow is going into idle state in different actions (like Comm...

  • By divyam
  • September 10, 2017  03:58
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Flexi Task

Can you not use 'Send Notification' in the Flexi Task branches? I have the following that will not send a notification to the initiator or ...

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workaround : Using document sets with different co...

Hello, I'm trying to find a workaround where I can use the Document sets to save different forms and documents. I cannot include list item based...

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