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Configuring a Workflow to check the Date on a Shar...

Hi What I'm trying to do is to set up a Workflow which will check the date input when uploading a contract into a SharePoint Library called 'N...

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Weird string of characters

I have a workflow sending out notifications when a new issue has been logged and am returning a weird string of characters in the subject line of...

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There is a downtime when updating licence?

I need to update nintex licence on Production. Could you please tell me if it will cause a downtime or an interruption of the workflow?

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Trouble updating item

I have 3 different workflows for logging issues, risks and action items. They are all set up the same way to query a list>set the variable>...

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What is best practice for maintaining lookup lists...

I am using a SharePoint list as the source for a lookup column in another list. Is there any way to have any changes in this source list to only...

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Installing new languages in customized production ...

I'm struggling with the idea of installing the Nintex Workflow 2013 international on a heavily customized production environment. Has anyone e...

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Quick start guide for Nintex Hawkeye

This Quick Start Guide will take you through the steps to get up and running with Nintex Hawkeye. Prerequisites: An existing Nintex Workflo...

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Update item in the parallel action not working

I have a parallel action in my list workflow which will update a field (Log). I have 4 parallel actions which will run whenever an item is modifi...

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Custom inline function not appearing (without LCID...

Hi. I have built a "custom inline function" according to Create Custom Inline Functions - Nintex Forms . The function works great - however I...

  • By nils_a
  • October 19, 2017  00:17
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How to make a calculated control scrollable

I have a calculated control on my Nintex form that displays the contents of a separate multiline text field. The problem is that the size of the ...

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Remove "i:0#.w|" from a username in a Ni...

I have not been able to find a solution to this question here, so hopefully it hasn't already been asked. I simply need to remove "i:0#.w|" from ...

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repeating section on task form randomly loses data...

I'm having an issue with a task form which was modified to look exactly like the list item form. The list item form has a repeating section that...

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