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Nintex Forms, SharePoint 2013, Date Field - Valida...

Hello Community, I am working with Nintex Forms in SharePoint 2013, and I want to create a validation check for a Date field. I need the field to th...

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Sum values over a list column in a formula

Hey all, I will sum values from my list in the Nintex list formular by filtering over a dropdown-value. For example: I have a list like this: ...

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split answers into 2 columns

Hi! Is there any way to split into columns a the answers from a multiple choice question? There are many answer options, and it would look better i...

  • By ElizaS
  • November 06, 2020  01:38
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How to move SharePoint dev sites with nintex workf...

I have a SharePoint site collection with 50 subsites. Each subsite contains Nintex workflows associated with a list. What is the best practice to mov...

  • By Osmi
  • November 06, 2020  01:34
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passing a collection of items to a control in a wo...

Hi I need to list a number of different fields in a control in a Word Document. Everything else works perfectly. I have tried using collect...

  • By voicer
  • November 05, 2020  23:03
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Set permissions for a Nintex Forms lookup control?...

I have a form that contains a list lookup control referencing a list that has very limited permissions. Almost everyone has no permissions on that l...

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Create an email alert when a record is updated or ...

Hi, could use some help to modify a current workflow. Current workflow works good based on a calendar event that requires approval or rejection and t...

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Choose new or update a form / than pick form to up...

I have list and in the form I have two tabs that ask the employee if they would like to update an existing form or start a new one. I can not seem ...

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Trying to take "Workflow Tasks" approval...

Here's my task - I have a list that contains multiple approval sections. I'm supposed to take the comments (also called "Approver Comments", I be...

  • By danjact
  • November 04, 2020  10:44
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Workflow access denied to task assignee

Dear community, I just came across a problem for a specific user that can no longer action tasks assigned to him. This should not be conseque...

  • By Sylvain
  • November 04, 2020  05:06
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Nintex Workflow how can I update a list item in a ...

Hi, I'm using Nintex Workflow for SP 2019. I have a calendar and a task list. I want to connect my tasks to a calendar entry. So you can see all ta...

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Copying Item list based to another Sharepoint list...

Hi there, Just new to exploring nintex workflow and apologies if this was asked already, but I can't seem to get the right solution for my scenario. ...

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