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Extract Field Date From Repeating Section

I need to two fields in a repeating section to get written to a list. ResponsibleBU CompletionDate I'm not well skilled in XML so can so...

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Button click to reset all fields in the Nintex for...

Hi Team, Please let me know how to reset Nintex list form fields in one reset button click. Yours sincerely, Ruwan

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Update another List - Source value has multiple ID...

I have 2 Lists. List A has a look-up field where multiple values can be selected. I store the ID. Thus the record may look like the below: ...

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Validation Formula Help

Hello! I am creating required rules for questions on a Nintex Form. There are 6 flows for the form. The line where I am having an issue is in the...

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Inconsistency with user profile returned value

Hi everybody, In Nintex form (responsive), I have a calculated filed shows the first name based on the value of a people picker, I used UserPr...

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Nintex workflow sending previous workflow version ...

I've just recently updated some workflow email notifications for my client. They had a series up updates but nothing too extraneous. Upon complet...

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Nintex is causing my Workflows to fail after it wa...

I have a SharePoint 2013 farm (3 app servers, 2 web servers, and a SQL server) and at one point our previous SharePoint administrator installed a...

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How Do I Access Association Data in a Child Workfl...

I have 2 workflow, and am trying to pass association data from Parent to Child. I don't see how to access the association data in the child workf...

  • By rogerb
  • December 20, 2017  07:03
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How to open a list item in Diag Modal window from ...

I've seen this question asked loads of times and thought I would share my solution on how I accomplished this. I take no kudos for the script. My...

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save control settings in Nintex form designer for ...

Trying to design a form Sharepoint with Nintex Form Designer. When I try to edit control settings ex in a Single line text (element on a list) - ...

  • By bbg
  • December 20, 2017  04:26
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Workflow to check calender for Items in future, to...

Hi community, I am trying to create a workflow to weekly/daily check a calendar for new items, and then generating Folders and tasks to specif...

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State Machine advice

Hi! I'm tying myself up in knots trying to figure out the best way to deal with a secondary approval cycle. Firstly - is it ok to add a sta...

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