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Permissions required for Approving Flexi Task

I have a Nintex Workflow that uses a FlexiTask. It works great, but a question came up regarding permissions. The Workflow uses several Flexi T...

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The same lookup function doesn't work with dif...

Hi, Everyone Something strange... The same lookup function with the same user, Nintex Workflow, form for Initiate Worklow returns: used...

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SP2016 Forms - Allow Anonymous Access

Hey folks! We are upgrading from SP2013 to SP2016 and have one Live Form which was previously completely anonymous on the interwebs for peop...

  • By rhia
  • January 20, 2018  17:52
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I would like to provide the initiator with the abi...

I would like to provide the initiator with the ability to cancel a request for a period of time before the next person processes the request. Is ...

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Spell check in forms builder?

I was looking for a way to run a spell check in the Forms builder to catch any errors in all of the label controls and panel names throughout a f...

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How do I define the save file name

Is there a way to define what the file name of the saved document will be? In a previous form in InfoPath, I was able to set the file name with ...

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Update document changes alignment on control

So I have a workflow that is updating some plain text control fields in the footer of the document. The controls are center aligned but after the...

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How do I get selected items from Listview control ...

Is it possible to obtain a value from a selected item in a list view control and use that item to look up additional information for that row of ...

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Field Validation based on multiple values

I am trying to make a field required based on the input of two fields. Design Type: a choice field Complexity: a choice field Person: Perso...

  • By kalsup
  • January 19, 2018  06:53
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Read local .dat file

Hi all, while evaluating NintexForms, I need to test how to populate form columns from external data source. This could be in future a SQL table...

  • By kari
  • January 19, 2018  05:45
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GET Web Request - Response Content with special ch...

Hello everybody, In my workflow, I use a GET Web Request to read the contents of a CSV File in SharePoint. In the CSV File, there are many ...

  • By scc
  • January 19, 2018  03:32
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Create an item in document library without uploadi...

I would like to fill a Nintex form in a document library and create a record/item without having to upload a document. Could you help me understa...

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