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Filtering a Lookup Field within Nintex Form

In a nintex form I have a lookup field to a Library called "Meat". The field I am looking up in the "Meat" Library is a field called "Meat Produ...

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Expanding a field Vertically

I have been asked by a user to provide more room on a text field by expanding the field vertically. How do I do this ? Apologize for the newbie...

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Number validation: Cannot start or end with zero

Is there a way to validate end user entry so that the 1st and last number upon data entry cannot be a zero? Here is what the department would l...

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How to format number value comma seperated

I have a currency type column in list. In my workflow i am taking this value and keeping it in a number variable. when i display this number, i...

  • By venrass
  • December 15, 2017  12:49
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Start List Workflow From Site Worklfow

I have a site workflow that I wish to call a list workflow from. The list workflow is intended to copy and rename a document for archive purposes...

  • By rogerb
  • December 15, 2017  12:22
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how I can make a view in a nintex form list

Hi guys I have a list and I made a nintex form for it. But I want to give his list 2 views. actually, I want people to fill this list in 2 l...

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How do I find the tasks for a particular list item...

New to SharePoint and Nintex. Using SharePoint 2016 On Prem and Nintex 2016. I've a workflow that assigns a number of to-do tasks. Now I want ...

  • By dstarr
  • December 15, 2017  08:01
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Why is the appearance of my form buttons constantl...

I have several forms where I use the render as button functionality with radio button selections. The strange thing I am experiencing is that the...

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How to copy an Office document into the same libra...

A customer would like the users to be able to copy an Excel document (of a custom Content Type) into the same library (and inside same document s...

  • By jpmhuls
  • December 15, 2017  05:47
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Why is my lookup in a calculated value field not w...

Hi there, I have a calculated value field that is performing a lookup that is filtered based on a value selected in a list lookup control: "...

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Automated Testing

Has anyone used tools like this one Enterprise Test Automation Solutions | Sauce Labs before to do some automated Testing for Nintex workflows...

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Cannot get Attachment Validation to Work

I've been following this article on how to conditionally require an attachment on a Nintex form and I haven't had any luck getting it to...

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