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I want to set column1(for ex) value into multiple ...

Hi Emily Billing ‌, I have column (for ex column name is SupplierName) and I have a value in that field, I want to update same value in the m...

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Create Outlook Calendar Event

Hi, Im just trying to create a simple vacation approval request here. Item gets created in SharePoint list with dates for leave item get sen...

  • By loftus
  • December 10, 2017  18:09
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Get Lookup values on nintex workflow

I'm working with a nintex form to implement changes at some process in the company. I have a field in it form called Process. It is a choice fie...

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Newly added fields/controls are not visible in sha...

I have created a SharePoint custom list with title and then added some more fields using Nintex forms, those fields are not visible in SharePoint...

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Increase form dropdown limit?

Nintex form dropdown item limit. Is there any way to increase dropdown item limit from 2001 to 5001 or more. Nintex Support ‌ nintex foms‌

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RUN IF "greater to or equal to"

Workflow "Run IF" used to have the following choices to compare one value with another back in 2007 is greater than, is greater than or equal ...

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Type is missing in repeater data xml

I have a repeater control on nintex form with multiple fields. In which one field is status (choice field), it's property is set as visibility=ye...

  • By venrass
  • December 08, 2017  12:22
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Is there a way to keep the form area from auto-siz...

I have a request to make a checkbox section of a form a static size vs auto-expanding. They would like this to happen because the amount of item...

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Flexi Task not completed

Hi guys, i have a problem with Flexi Tasks that are not complete. Sometimes it works without errors and sometimes a have an mix of outcomes an...

  • By mamonga
  • December 08, 2017  08:59
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Documentation of Changes To JavaScript for SP 2016...

I recently upgraded to the newest version of Nintex for SharePoint 2016 in an attempt to see if it would correct a few other issues I was having,...

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Attachement in Workflow

Hi, I have a nintex form, in the form i have attached a file and saved it. How can I attach that particular file in my workflow email? Tha...

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Pulling Distinct Values Into a Dropdown List

I am pulling a date field into a dropdown control on a WF start form. There are duplicate dates, but I wish to trim the list so there are no dupl...

  • By rogerb
  • December 08, 2017  06:15
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