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A couple easy questions for a Nintex Pro...

I have a list with a Nintex form. I would like to do these with Nintex form rules rather than Column / List validation if possible. First off...

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Filtering a Lookup Field within Nintex Form Part2

#1 For this question Cassy suggests that I " Or filtering your drop down control by your freshness control" How would I do this.... #2 ...

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How to Programatically Set Value for SQL Request C...

Hi, I am trying to programmatically import historical data for a SharePoint list. The list has a customized Nintex Form that uses a SQL Request...

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how to filter multiple users and assign task to pa...

i have list and each list items has approvals.if user A has 10 approvals and user B has 15 approvals. send mail to user A with 10 approvals and s...

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How to capture the Display Name of multiple people...

Updated: Thanks to ‌ for suggesting the best solution. In this scenario we have a Person or Group column that allows multiple selection wh...

  • By houman
  • December 19, 2017  08:35
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Query list for large lists

I am trying to archive the data from one list to another. I use the query list and it returns zero record but when I put the same filters on the...

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Nintex Workflow not working with Nintex Form

Hello! I've been working on a Nintex Form all year. I have just integrated it with my Nintex Workflow that I have been using successfully for ...

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Problem with userProfileLookup returns #value

Hello everyone, I had a problem with the sharepoint form, I want to get the username by userProfileLookup and I used this function userProf...

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Clear the managed metadata control using JavaScrip...

I have a Managed Metadata Control that I want to clear whenever a checkbox is unchecked. Client ID JavaScript variable name for the che...

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HELP! Error in task. Object reference not set to a...

Hey All This is more or less same topic as here:

  • By bimi82
  • December 19, 2017  01:41
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How to retain Initiator following workflow restart...

Hi! I have had a situation where I've had to cancel a running workflow on an item due to a necessary workflow amendment. When I ran the new...

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Workflow won't "Run if" based on For...

I'm a bit confused on this one, I suppose this would be the first time I tried to "Run if" on a Nintex form List Lookup field. I have the list l...

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