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how to resolve "Unspecified error" in Ca...

How to resolve below issue. whenever i call web service , iam getting below error every time. if i try this url in the browser , i can able to re...

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Drop Zone Context Menu Doesn't Close

One of my users has a problem with the context menu that appears when you click on one of the drop zone icons. The menu appears (displaying Paste...

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Where are attachments stored on new item and task ...

Hello As the title question suggests, I have an attachment control on a new item and a flexi task form with an attachment control on both. One...

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Cancellation Workflow

Hello All, I have a current workflow which goes through 2 approval processes > Manager > HR. Meaning, I have two separate Flexi Tasks in...

  • By bimi82
  • February 20, 2018  02:25
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How to clear a multiline textbox using workflow?

We have a parent workflow that spawns several child workflows in our approval and release document process. The users want to be able to view th...

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Flexi task- Decision always return -1

Hi All, I have a flexi task configured as below: I want to customize the approval form so that if it's rejected, comment would be manda...

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Adaptive List Lookup according to SharePoint list ...

Hi, I'm working on a Nintex form containing several fields including two drop-down lists (List Lookup). The first one is linked to a SharePoin...

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Nintex forms --> list lookup cannot be filtered...

Hello, I want to encourage our users to use SharePoint lists instead of Excel, so far there are almost only advantages. But the users need to...

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Prepopulating user fields without JavaScript

Hi, I have a form that is going to have a people picker field and the following fields i.e email, department etc need to be prepopulated from th...

  • By dsutton
  • February 19, 2018  04:35
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Button in a Nintex Workflow Mail for IPhone

Hello, can I include a button in the mailbody to open with the iphone email Programm. I do the following code: <button onclick="win...

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Nintex list form webpart Edit mode not working?

so some background; I have a custom list where users can subscribe to a mailing list and add themselves to this list using the nintex form (in...

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How can I de-activate Nintex for specific fields o...

Hi, Is it possible to use Nintex for all fields on a form except 2x fields, which would be default SharePoint fields? The reason is we have a...

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