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Missing list column in Nintex Form

I have a list, it has 5 content types inheriting from a base content type. In designing a form for the first content type there is a person an...

  • By nurdena
  • February 06, 2018  03:17
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How to create an item with a specific managed meta...

Hi all, I am creating a document set with the workflow action "Office 365 Creat List Item Or Document Set. This works pretty well... In th...

  • By mai-kel
  • February 06, 2018  02:10
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Discussion on Workflow

Hi All, I have requirement to create approval workflow that contain discussion in it. The main point is requestor submit the request and appr...

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Change Task outcome based on user group

Is there a way to have one Flexi task but the outcomes that display are different based on which group the user/assignee is a member of? I've ...

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In a list display form, how do I show the create d...

In a list display form, how do I show the create date (upload date) next to each of the file attachments?

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how to compare list item 1 with list item 2 using ...

How to compare previous value with current value in nintex workflow. if current value equals to old value i need to set field value.

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Can I create more than one forms for a SharePoint ...

Hello, I have a list with multiple fields. I would like to create two forms for a SharePoint list. For example, form A will be assigned to p...

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How to remove duplicates values from lookup field ...

Hello Team, I want to remove duplicates values from lookup filed on nintex forms. I have tried for normal drop down control which contains dup...

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Multiple forms sharing one SharePoint list

Hi Is it possible to feed one SharePoint list by different forms? For example a SharePoint list stores all traveling requests. The end user can...

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How to reset Multi line Textbox based on the value...

Hi There, I am creating a form which has many questions with a Yes/No answer in a drop down list for each question. Each question has a Multi l...

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How to create a text box control dynamically using...

Hi Team, I would like create text box control in a form dynamically using some custom code (jquery/java script). Thanks & Regards, Dhaya ...

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required people or person field and drop down and ...

In nintex task form,I need mandatory field base Decision, If approve selected, drop-down must be required, date picker and people picker is disa...

  • By hooorie
  • February 03, 2018  05:12
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