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For Loop to Update Each Item in a List

All, I need to run a workflow one time to iterate through all items in a list and update one column in every item. I am simply trying to copy the v...

  • By rookie
  • August 16, 2021  15:36
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Custom choice field using People as values

I would like to provide a client a Choice control on a form that has values that resolve to type People. This should be limited to the 10 or so folk...

  • By bgarvey
  • August 16, 2021  07:00
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Workflow failed to run error

Hello everyone! I am having an issue with Lazy Approval since the SharePoint servers, in our farm, were patched with July 2021 CU. We are on SP...

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Issues with approval Tasks not Authorized error a...

Having issues with Site workflows, publishing workflows showing SOAP:Error and all existing approval tasks showing "Your are not Authorized to respo...

  • By Nunezma
  • August 16, 2021  04:42
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send mail when October column is changed

Hello, is there a sample video or document that I can follow to send an email when only a column that I set in my list changes ? Is it possible to ...

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Remove user for multiple people column

I have multiple list who are suppose to work together, but mainly two. One is a calendar and the other one a subscription list. On the subscription l...

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Help - Hiding two choice controls based on the amo...

Hello Nintex Community, I need a little help with some logic on one of the Sharepoint Nintex Forms. I've created an approval process that gets sent...

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Catch and Retry with Web Request with SharePoint O...

When my web request actions fail, due to timeouts or other complications, my workflows Suspend and I have to manually restart them. Is there a way t...

  • By RTK
  • August 13, 2021  07:35
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Need help building my site workflow to update list...

I have a SharePoint list built by someone else with a blank text field titles "manager" I am trying to build a site workflow to automatically go thro...

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Time Range Validation and DateTime Control Regular...

I'm working on a form where I need to check if the user has entered a time outside of a certain range (as an example, let's use 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM)....

  • By user15
  • August 12, 2021  12:57
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Display 'Click Here' Link to Form

We have a form using the Classic Form layout that we would like to display a link that shows 'Click Here' instead of the entire link. Right now...

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Nintex form

I have one dropdown in my Nintex form, I have to replace the old choices from new choices but my list having some existing item with old choices and ...

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