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Nintex for Sharepoint 2016 Documentation

Are there any help files or product documentation on Nintex for Sharepoint 2016 , and how to use different tools. Our Organization recently l...

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Updating A Previously Approved Form

I hope I can make this clear: I have a form that has been through a workflow for approvals and the workflow has been completed. This form al...

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How do you input data into a repeating section fie...

I am in the process of developing a form and two workflows. One workflow is associated with an already functioning Nintex Form. I will call this ...

  • By cjones
  • June 14, 2018  12:04
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Convert string to lower case in workflow

Hi, I need to convert a string from capital letters to lower case. It's easy in Forms, but how to do that in Workflows? It's Nintex Workflow ...

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How do I only allow specific text for a user input...

I have a single line text control in an item form and I'm having trouble with the exact validation settings to produce the desired result. I'm n...

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Nintex Workflow to get value from other list

I have a roster list which has First Name, Last Name, Name, User ID and Email among other pieces of information. I want to create a workflow...

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Lookup Function in Nintex forms

I am using nintex forms 2013 designer and a lookup function. There are two lists - N2F F2F Repository & Change requests. The N2F F2F Reposito...

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Set Field Value in Workflow

Hi, Just in the process of building my first workflow with Nintex. I have a step to create a document set on list item creation, which uses...

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Request Data Action with Custom Task From Missing ...

Wondering if anyone has run in to this issue before. We have a Request data action w/ a custom form and "Allow Delegation" is checked yet the li...

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Remove extra spaces from .txt attachment

Hi All, I'm trying to remove extra spaces from the .txt attachment i'm sending out as a notification to my co-worker using Nintex Workflow. Th...

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Get an error dialog box

Hi! I recently started using nintex forms and workflow. It seems to be very interesting, I did hit few roadblocks but was able to recover. How ev...

  • By sc1991
  • June 13, 2018  12:19
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Collection Operation Remove by Value Not Working

So this is probably a dumb question with an obvious answer, but I can't get the remove by value operation working. I have a collection with a num...

  • By aak1
  • June 13, 2018  10:06
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