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SharePoint Online/O365 w/ Nintex Forms - Prompt Us...

Folks, Can you point me in the right direction please. I am creating a form that will either have a Drop Down or Radial choice of Yes and No. If...

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Start A Task Process: Formatting Initial Email Tex...

I am using the Start a Task Process action in my workflow. I am using Nintex O365. I am using the Responsive Form. This is the initial email th...

  • By marnita
  • April 06, 2018  14:02
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Populate choice control values based on informatio...

Hello All I have a single text column called "site name" in a repeating section. When the repeating section is repeated, lets say 3 times, I w...

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Multi-User Assign To Do Task Status?

I've had a Sharepoint application that runs Nintex for the past 6 years. Many of the workflows have "To-Do" tasks that are assigned to multiple p...

  • By tast
  • April 06, 2018  06:08
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Copy document from Library to list item as attachm...

Good Day, I have seen many users on the Community asking about copying documents from a Library to a list item and found many helpful answers ...

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Managed metadata usable with rules within NINTEX F...

Hi all, I want to use a managed metadata field for a rule within my form. Unfortunately after naming my managed metadata object within forms ...

  • By mai-kel
  • April 06, 2018  04:32
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How to create a workflow that sends a dynamic emai...

Hi, I am new to Nintex workflows and have created some basic ones. I am trying something I think to be a little more complicated. I would li...

  • By bgusg2
  • April 05, 2018  21:25
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How to get checkbox selection and send email to re...

I'm fairly new to using Nintex and I know very little. I am having trouble creating the workflow for my form. Below is a description of what I ne...

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Escalate Request Review

I would like to know if there is a workaround or easy way to escalate a workflow to completion after a certain date that is utilizing a "Request ...

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Start workflow in dialog box

When you manually start a workflow in Nintex, is this possible to open the start form in a dialog box instead of opening a page ?

  • By seize
  • April 05, 2018  04:04
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When will forms setting "print to pdf - scal...

In reference to Nintex Form Print to PDF Formatting ) - are there any plans to add the scale to fit option to Forms 2016 or is it already includ...

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Is it possible to append to MultiLine text workflo...

Hello, In my workflow I query to the list and read items. I try to store one of the file in multiline text workflow variable. Actually I nee...

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